Photo by Regina Walker

What if it were possible to treat addiction with a single shot, administered in a clinic in a few seconds, which would immediately produce a complete cure? That’s the Holy Grail for researchers into how to medically treat a wide spectrum of addictions — and for now, it remains just that: a dream. But Dr. Kim Janda, the Ely R. Callaway, Jr. Professor of Chemistry at the Scripps Research Institute, in La Jolla, California, has been pursuing a piece of the puzzle in a cure for addiction for many years: vaccines which offer the hope of treating some of the…

Letter from Paris

The phone rings.

When I pick up, an automated voice greets me.

“This is a free call from Paris Lee Bennett; an offender at Ferguson Unit. To accept this free call press 1.”

I press 1.

“Thank you for using Century Link. You may start your conversation now.”

“Good Morning Paris.”

A young sounding voice that still cracks at times, like a boy going through puberty, responds.

“Hello Regina. How are you today?”

I have grown used to Paris’ manner of speech. He is thoughtful, enunciates clearly, and somewhat slowly, with only a slight hint of a Texas accent. …

photo by Regina Walker

Mark Langedijk was a 41-year-old divorced father of two young children living with his parents in the Netherlands.

On July 13, 2016, Mark was joined at his parent’s home by his older brother Marcel. They laughed, drank beer, smoked, and ate ham sandwiches. After a good night’s sleep, Mark’s physician appeared at his home and administered 3 injections. After the third injection Mark was dead by his own choice. He had requested and was approved for Euthanasia for chronic alcoholism.

Jane Doe (her real name has not been released) was a woman in her early 20’s living in the Netherlands…

I wish I could actually do this — send you this note and tell you all the things I have learned.

I can’t of course. I have learned these things because I have been through them. The experiences, both good and bad, have brought me to this place of knowing. This place where I am writing you (me!) this letter.

If I could I would tell you that you are hopelessly perfect and beautifully flawed. All your self criticism will not make you a better person, it will simply rob you of today and make you blind to your possibilities.

Regina Walker

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